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Product Name
Molecular Formula Structural Formula
Molecular Weight
4,4'-methylenebis (cyclohexylamine) 1.jpg 未标题-1_03.jpg 210

To manufacture nylon in polyamide industry,also used as saturated polyurethand raw materials.
Used as modifying hardeners of epoxy resins,can be used in high-grade coatings or adhesives with good performance,such as high-grade polished plasric,plastic ornaments,composite material,winding body.
Used as a raw material for carbamate,electrical insulators,magnetic binder ect.
Used as amine chain extenders  for polyurethane to improve product performance.
Used as intermediates for polyimide,medicine and dye.
Item Parameter
Chemcial Name PACM/HMDA


Transparent liquid (colorless to primrose yellow)
Chromaticity ≤1
Viscosity (mPa.s/25℃) 50-100
Active hydrogen equivalent(g/ep) 52.5
Purity(%) ≥99.0
Specific gravity(g/mm3) 0.96±0.02
Boiling point(℃) 333
Flashing point(℃) 150
PHR (based on 128) 25-30

190kg/drum , one year shelf-life.
Stored in closed container and kept in dry and cool place with good ventilation. Keep away from fire, heat, light ,strong oxidants and acids. Try to use up when open,Don’t exposed in the air for long time.